Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another 10 after a really long time...

All of us start life thinking we will always get to say FTW. Most of us end up living life saying it in reverse.

At times it is best to not prick the bubble which some people tend to live in. You might not like what comes out.

Be generous with compliments and stingy with criticism, but always wash them with truth before dispensing.

It is ok to fence your boundaries with your intolerance to contrary ideals. But only as long as you intend to grow beyond them.

It must be hard being the ocean. The whole world spills its sorrows into you and you have no one to turn to. Even the merciless sun beats down on you. You simmer, the growing mass salt stings your insides. You seethe, you rage only to retreat within yourself.

Life insurance is all about betting on your own death and hoping that you lose.

Most of the time, I hate deadlines. But there is nothing more satisfying than watching one charge at you with its fangs out and you calmly wait for it to make it into the crosshairs, then put a slug through it and smugly watch it whimper to a slow death.

The concept of equality is like a barb-wire fence between the oppressors and the oppressed which makes the concept of a fence-sitter implausible.

The difference between confidence and determination is the gap between what you perceive yourself to be capable of and what you are actually capable of.

Yeah I always considered him a level-headed bloke. Ground-level actually.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

And that takes us past 250...

I like vegetarians so much that I eat the animals that eat up their food.

Life is like baseball. Even when you are down two strikes facing the best pitcher and getting to second base would take an act of God, you dream of hitting a home run. When you manage to get your home run, it is against the worst pitcher who has all the bases loaded. And lastly, just when you think the best pitcher can never be hit for a home run, the worst batter on your team manages to hit one. No wonder the Americans love the game.

Never make an offer that will be refused.

Problems are like angry elephants. Staring at one in the face or from a mile away changes our perception about them.

So you tweet on Twitter. Does that make you a twit or a twat?

There are no bad photographs, just bad photographers...

Try being nice to others even if it is just to get the adrenaline rush of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Unrequited love is the best kind of love, for in its 'what-ifs' one can dream a million lifetimes instead of one.

Wish I had a talent... of gold...

You are always on the top of the world. You just need to see it that way.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

And that brings us to 243...

Anyone who thinks that an individual himself is responsible for his failure has never played any kind of contact sport.

I am a nonconformist, of nonconformism too.

If I ever wrote a self-help book, it would just say, "Self-help is about helping yourself and not reading a book about how to help yourself."

It is as simple as milking a crocodile to make cheese.

It is surprising as to how we search for deeper meaning in the mindless drivel of notable individuals while eagerly dismissing the masterpieces of lesser known ones as unintelligible faffing.

It's ok to ask for the moon mostly. Not when we've just entered orbit around Mercury.

Many of our failures result from our inability to discern the impossible from the improbable.

My honne is so far apart from my tatemae that they could fit the whole damn galaxy between them.

Seeing a bird glide around unmindful of the presence of the sun in the sky makes me wonder. Am I a bird because I am not supposed to ponder about the existence of the sun or am I a bird because I do not?

The only reason why people believe in god and buy lottery tickets is because the cost of getting it right is just too small.