Thursday, June 17, 2010

Past 200...

Most people know that I go by the name True Realist. Very few know that my middle name is "Cynic and Bitter"

Such is the beauty of ideas and research, that tend to materialize at the most inopportune times, when all that may be at hand is toilet paper.

The most dangerous secrets that we have are the ones we keep from ourselves.

There are ways and then there are ways. It is not about the ways we choose but rather the ways we don't.

The light at the end of the tunnel is just a decoy. The hidden sycthe is what's meant for you.

There are stereotypes and then there are stereotypes. The one stereotype that has never failed me is that most humans, by themselves, are jerks.

We wear masks because all of us are afraid of mirrors...

Whoever suggested that when going through hell the best option is to keep going, clearly never heard about U-turns!

Copernicus proved centuries ago that the Earth is not the center of the Universe, much less so is an insignificantly minute entity residing on it. And by that, I meant you,

I swam through a sea of perfumed revelry, of sweet nothings, of happy endings & new beginnings, of gay abandon without the worry for tomorrow. I emerged onto the sands of my penance, arid & hot, blown not by a gentle breeze but that of the hot breath of fleeting time. I touch my brow, to wipe off an odd droplet, find none has clung to me and only chance upon a stoic realization, "Wow! God really made me water-proof!"

In a moment of astounding clarity, I dawned upon a question. What if the soul was still matter, just not bound by the Higgs field? The Higgs field is what makes matter as we know it, unyielding and unwilling to share the same space. If the soul was the matter free of the Higgs field, it could traverse anything and everything at the speed of light or maybe more? And that makes the ancient wisdom talking about freeing oneself of the materialistic plane of existence a lot more sensible. It asks the soul to be able to free itself, not unto death, from the matter that binds it within the body and thence explore a whole new universe of possibilities that lie beyond it.