Thursday, June 02, 2011

And that takes us past 250...

I like vegetarians so much that I eat the animals that eat up their food.

Life is like baseball. Even when you are down two strikes facing the best pitcher and getting to second base would take an act of God, you dream of hitting a home run. When you manage to get your home run, it is against the worst pitcher who has all the bases loaded. And lastly, just when you think the best pitcher can never be hit for a home run, the worst batter on your team manages to hit one. No wonder the Americans love the game.

Never make an offer that will be refused.

Problems are like angry elephants. Staring at one in the face or from a mile away changes our perception about them.

So you tweet on Twitter. Does that make you a twit or a twat?

There are no bad photographs, just bad photographers...

Try being nice to others even if it is just to get the adrenaline rush of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Unrequited love is the best kind of love, for in its 'what-ifs' one can dream a million lifetimes instead of one.

Wish I had a talent... of gold...

You are always on the top of the world. You just need to see it that way.

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