Monday, October 20, 2008

The dozen that took a 100 days (almost)

Tolerance is a virtue when exercised in moderation.

Howz life? Like an electron between the 's' and 'p' shells.

Life is a one way street with a dead end!

Every great man has failed once. But it is not a sufficient condition for greatness.

Life of a corporate... tottering 1,2,3... a perfect 10 and then chapter 11!
(on Lehmann's collapse)

She found happiness in the 'e'.. guess she was the true mathematician!

The stock exchange of life rates me as a sleeper scrip...

I agree that everything science tells us is wrong. But I strongly disagree that it can be attributed to the current concept of god.

The problem with today's world is that there is too little incentive to be good and too few consequences of being bad.

God may be in the business of running the Universe. But I'm willing to bet he's not into quality control.

So... is it time to buy guns, gold, bullets, canned food and water? Maybe not... but surely go lookup the places where you can buy those in a hurry!
(on the current financial crisis)

I am involved in a big study on the effects of exercise... I am the control group!