Friday, November 09, 2007

The Womanabri Code

This was just one online battles that was fought between a chat friend and me... Gave me an idea of writing down the 'insightful' things that I got to learn from lots of friends around me... So here goes... this will be updated as the time/people give me more to write about:

Women 101: Rule 1: God is a woman. Hence there's a chance of forgiveness for your sins... if God was man... he'd just forget it!

Women 101: Rule 21: Silence... the most abrasive material in her arsenal

Women 101: Rule 31: Money is never an issue except inside the GAP store, right in front of the top that beats the one her neighbor bought yesterday

Women 101: Rule 32: Women are invulnerable. Except when you have a deadline to beat and the last thing, you have time for, is to reassure them.

Women 101: Rule 33: Nothing: The most dangerous word in a woman's dictionary which means everything else but "Nothing"!

Women 101: Rule 34: Even if the garage door was not open when she tried to put the car into the garage, it still is your fault!

Women 101: Rule 35: Men have vices that need to be rectified. Women just have virtues with scope for improvement, less often than not.

Women 101: Rule 41: Every compliment has a negative connotation!

Women 101: Rule 51: "Sorry" and "Please" are expected as punctuation marks in a man's vocabulary

Women 101: Rule 52: Their tears... the most powerful force known to mankind

Women 101: Rule 53: Never praise one specimen's cooking in front of another.

Women 101: Rule 54: They think they are a deep mystery... Actually it is just bad programming…

Gets better...

Less than 1.5 months to create 22 quotes... that's pretty good...
Here's the 10 unrelated ones...

God created man... Then he created woman... after that they could never stop debugging the code…

Good times don't last. Neither do good people.

I never claim that I am the good guy. I know that I am just different.

If artificial means man-made, then isn't every man artificial?

Law of Averages states that if you have had a good morning, the rest of the day will be crappy.

Life is a democracy. Not everyone, who gets elected, is the right choice.

They say love is blind and then they expect you to fall in love at first sight?

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus... and they should never have come to Earth!

Never mess with a man holding a knife. Especially if he's your surgeon!

People battered by life tend to become better or bitter. The latter more often than not.