Friday, October 15, 2010

11... 11... 11...

Human ignorance is really dangerous because it is not only about not knowing but also lacking the will to know.

I don't loathe people who keep "wishing" that I do better. I do wish they would shut the f**k up once in a while.

I don't take hints. What do you think I am? An Oracle PL/SQL Compiler? /*+ HINT+If Exist female admirer */

If you don't want your glass to be half empty... then STOP drinking from it!

Is it such a grave crime to have looked for affirmation once in a while?

Never question your subconscious. You may not like the answers.

Oppose me if you should. But before doing so, ask yourself a question. Is the cause I stand for evil? If the answer is no, ask yourself why do you really oppose me?

The biggest obstacle visionaries face is the gene pool of their own species which is geared to only tackle immediate threats and not mitigate long term ones. And this is also why saving the environment is such a dormant concern in most of the humans.

The difference between a masterpiece and a monumental failure is the perception of the audience.

The problem with people is that in their dictionary rights come before duties.

It is so improbable that the Infinite Improbability Drive should construct itself out of thin air right here any moment now.