Tuesday, February 01, 2011

And that brings us to 243...

Anyone who thinks that an individual himself is responsible for his failure has never played any kind of contact sport.

I am a nonconformist, of nonconformism too.

If I ever wrote a self-help book, it would just say, "Self-help is about helping yourself and not reading a book about how to help yourself."

It is as simple as milking a crocodile to make cheese.

It is surprising as to how we search for deeper meaning in the mindless drivel of notable individuals while eagerly dismissing the masterpieces of lesser known ones as unintelligible faffing.

It's ok to ask for the moon mostly. Not when we've just entered orbit around Mercury.

Many of our failures result from our inability to discern the impossible from the improbable.

My honne is so far apart from my tatemae that they could fit the whole damn galaxy between them.

Seeing a bird glide around unmindful of the presence of the sun in the sky makes me wonder. Am I a bird because I am not supposed to ponder about the existence of the sun or am I a bird because I do not?

The only reason why people believe in god and buy lottery tickets is because the cost of getting it right is just too small.

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