Saturday, July 21, 2007

Writer's block

That's what I've been going thru... With nothing worthwhile penned for almost 2 months... this is the longest it has been... Here's the latest 10... (last one is not original)

I always thought that there was something out there trying to get me... They just found a name for it... It is called delusion

I was having a good day till the 'd' dropped out of it!

I start every day with a ‘g’ and a ‘d’, but it takes you to make it a good day!

Living life in the "what else" clause...

An eye in the land of the blind is a disease

Ever felt for a mayfly born on a rainy day? No? Then you just experienced what God feels about you.

Life hits at 3600 secs/hour and not one gets away alive!

The brain is smart... by calling it 'matters of the heart'... it absolves itself of all the mess it creates...

Life in all its glory is just simulated reality

I am on a see-food diet these days... I see food and I eat it - Anon

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