Sunday, September 30, 2007

The longest yard yet...

Almost two months for 10 more lines... this is getting really bad.

I err, I fail, I fall behind... Maybe it is alright... In the end, we all cross the finish line.

Life's not a bed of roses. It is more like..."here's the soil, here's the showel and here are the seeds... now get working!"

Life.... shouldnt be rocket science!

Dream big, achieve bigger, settle for only the biggest!

Epiphanies are God's way of playing shrink with you!

I'll have Life... Shaken not stirred!

The destination is gonna be pretty disappointing... so make the most of the journey!

There is no such thing as a soulmate. It is just a marketing gimmick.

Things always go your way... it's just that at times they go faster than you!

The sun is always rising somewhere in the world... that means there is some lousy bum hammering the snooze button on his alarm clock right now...

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