Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another one on Senseless Adsense...

Here's one that should make you think that someone out there has gone loco!

I was tinkering around with the results and noticed that the ad-bar would always say that the very thing, I was looking for, was available on eBay. So I started thinking... what else I could look for... ( "boss whipper", "work eraser", "brains", "soul" etc etc... seemed to naive...) I wanted something big... something like ... WMD!

So I put the phrase in... twiddled my thumbs... lo and behold! eBay has it!!!

Just to see if they stood true to their promise... I decided to click the link...

and OMG!!!

eBay has 19 results!!!

Looks like the world is going to hell in an e-shopping basket!!!

Hope you had a good laugh too...

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