Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another one for 2013... (yes, thesis is done)

A pious mouth and a pious heart don't always co-habit the same man.

As a baby I couldn't tell politics apart from poop. Apparently I still can't.

He is a happy man who treats a setback like a river with a bridge and gets over it quickly.

It's the interpretation of an action and not the intention behind it that matters.

On an average, everyone knows a lot about something and nearly nothing about everything else. On an average that also means everyone is a blithering idiot who knows nothing.

Remember this. They will tell you that there is no better feeling than having achieved a difficult goal. You will get to feel that world is at your feet, like after having climbed a big mountain and that the vistas offered are to be enjoyed and appreciated. And you should do all this because it is your moment. It is your chance to bask in glory. But this is what they won't tell you. This moment is fleeting. You will turn and see another peak in the distance or even the stars, egging you towards a harder and more arduous challenge. This is your true chance. This is the moment where you will say, "Meh!" to one of the views and turn to the other. The way, which you are left facing after that 'meh', is what will matter the most.

The true measure of the greatness of a warrior, in possession of a great weapon, is the restraint he shows towards using that weapon.

Use your charm or hint at harm. But get it done!

You can do as you please as long as someone with the power to stop you stays pleased.

You think therefore you exist. But to live, one must also feel.

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Hatikvah said...

a long time. Bowled over. This one has been garnished with the usual
assortment of wit and wordplay, and a new ingredient that in time may
well qualify to be termed as wisdom