Thursday, February 21, 2013

And one for 2013

Took over 6 months for these ones (also not my best lot either)... But am also writing my thesis in the meanwhile...

Yesterday was the best day of the rest of your life

I am most certainly not the smartest man alive. But that is not sufficient for you to assume that you are any smarter than me.

I don't doubt your intelligence. It's your stupidity that I am more worried about.

I don't like being right all the time. I'd rather see you be right once in a while.

If wishes were horses wouldn't your mind be a stable?

It's not about the tool. It's the tool holding that tool that makes the difference.

Listen to everything you say to someone else, for in those words you will find the best understanding of your own prejudices.

Love thyself and people will call you Narcissus... Love not and they'll blame you for having low self-esteem!

Man is the biggest figment of his imagination.

You got to smite me harder before I kneel.

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