Saturday, February 02, 2008

As if it matters...

Lotsa crap going around... that I lost track of time...

so here's the new set albiet only after nearly 3 months:

I learn from my bad experinces only. I don't expect others to make the right mistakes!

Believing in miracles is like believing that God bets on you while cheating at dice.

I'd run the Marathon... if only they were to drop the 'k' out of it.

Relativity is not about how fast time flies. It is about how fast the mind sees it fly.

I dont rely on hope... I rely on the mathematical equivalent of it... probability!

I am not entirely faithful to reality. I sleep with dreams almost every other night!

Happiness has a very very short half-life

Instincts? If I were to live by those, I'd have become extinct long ago!

The equation of life, differentiated time and again, has no constants. So my friend, lets try and integrate!

Albert Einstein came up with the famous equation: E=mc^2 while he was working as a patent office clerk. That means he was slacking off at his real job. Seems like there's a lesson to be learnt in this.

I ponder the philosophy of a single drop whilst the ocean of knowledge passes me by…

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