Friday, November 09, 2007

The Womanabri Code

This was just one online battles that was fought between a chat friend and me... Gave me an idea of writing down the 'insightful' things that I got to learn from lots of friends around me... So here goes... this will be updated as the time/people give me more to write about:

Women 101: Rule 1: God is a woman. Hence there's a chance of forgiveness for your sins... if God was man... he'd just forget it!

Women 101: Rule 21: Silence... the most abrasive material in her arsenal

Women 101: Rule 31: Money is never an issue except inside the GAP store, right in front of the top that beats the one her neighbor bought yesterday

Women 101: Rule 32: Women are invulnerable. Except when you have a deadline to beat and the last thing, you have time for, is to reassure them.

Women 101: Rule 33: Nothing: The most dangerous word in a woman's dictionary which means everything else but "Nothing"!

Women 101: Rule 34: Even if the garage door was not open when she tried to put the car into the garage, it still is your fault!

Women 101: Rule 35: Men have vices that need to be rectified. Women just have virtues with scope for improvement, less often than not.

Women 101: Rule 41: Every compliment has a negative connotation!

Women 101: Rule 51: "Sorry" and "Please" are expected as punctuation marks in a man's vocabulary

Women 101: Rule 52: Their tears... the most powerful force known to mankind

Women 101: Rule 53: Never praise one specimen's cooking in front of another.

Women 101: Rule 54: They think they are a deep mystery... Actually it is just bad programming…

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Chantal said...

Thanks for writing this.