Friday, April 20, 2007

The closet full of skeletons...

Life’s a closet full of skeletons. Just today I was digging through some documents to find a rebate form and this scrap of paper fell out. It was something that I had penned down a long time ago when the pastures over my head were lush and my heart had an occupant. I was wondering if these were noted from other sources (read plagiarized if I were to put them up here) and so I honestly googled for every single one of them. Not one turned up. Hence assuming that these are original…here they are…

My contribution to humanity? A lot of crap and this quotation!

I don’t know why people talk to me. Given an option I wouldn’t

I like quotations that are funny and humorous. The rest I can write myself anyday.

I know what Java is. I had it for breakfast once.

Disbelievers, by way of distraction, prevent religious believers from clubbing in each others’ heads.

It is not that I never met a girl to fall for. It is just that I never met a girl dumb enough to fall for me!

Save Petrol! So that someone else can waste it!

Only difference between a restaurant and a marriage is that you can’t say, “ I’ll have what he’s having!” in marriage.

Strong disagreement usually springs from inner agreement to the disagreeable opinion

Is it worth dying for? I don’t know. I have never died for anything before.

Why do people cheer at a lame man trying to run while they laugh at a fat man trying the same?

The most powerful people of their time? Historians, because they write the history.

I would admire your guts. Especially if they were laid out on an autopsy table.

Life is a funny bumper sticker on a car which you are too busy trying to overtake.

Humanity is too messed up an operation to be attributed to the divine entity called God.

I don’t mind you not laughing at my jokes. You need to have a level of IQ for that.

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