Monday, July 02, 2012

Nearly 10 months on... another 10...

A healthy dose of fantasy can always alleviate reality. However it is only prudent to not get addicted to it.

I have nothing to offer. Except maybe a well-exercised brain. And I'd rather you didn't eat it.

If lottery is a tax on stupidity, then a lot of us are guilty of evasion.

It is a sign of a fruitful journey when you pick up many artifacts on the way, some you place in your backpack and others you commit to memory.

No wonder the Tyrannosaurus Rex is always shown as an angry creature. With those tiny arms, what would it do if it got a belly itch?

Smarties don't make you smart. But they don't make you smart either.

Take note of the moments when you trifle an accomplishment and when you overvalue a trifle, for these are the moments when your relationship with greatness takes a turn.

The only thing that you can have everything of, happens to be nothing.

There are two kinds of people. Ones who believe that when you break a rule, you should be punished. And the ones who believe that when they break a  rule, they should be punished.

When god shuts a door he opens a window. But you should seriously doubt his intentions if you don't happen to live on the ground floor.

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