Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Any interaction with me always involves a little bit of Google. It is when I'm doing the Googling, that I enjoy the conversation more than usual.

Because there are no happy endings, just an illusion of the ones which were and the ones which were not.

Bugs are immortal. Programmers unfortunately, arent.

Definitive proof that 136 is less than 36: A pair of 36Ds dangling in front of a IQ: 136...

God probably invented the Devil to hide the fact that life is an autocratic regime!

I reject the concept of religion because it fails to separate faith in God from fear of God.

It is amazing to see how complicated lives people live. I find it hard just to handle the lite version of life itself.

No matter how much you say you are right and I ain't, I know this is the way up and you are standing on your head.

Not all adhesives can hold up against the vagaries of nature and the vagaries of destiny alike.

The mathematics of life doesn't care about the divisor or the quotient, only the remainder

The only thing standing between me and a billion dollars is an idea!

Your manager is like a hot air balloon. Stoke him well, he'll take you to dizzying heights as an underling. But don't forget, you are ballast, the first to be cut when he starts sinking.


Anonymous said...

You're scholarship is from Microsoft, right? They ain't gonna be happy if you refer to Google over Bing ;)

Abhijit Karnik said...

:-) No they won't care. As long as I bring in the right research.