Monday, January 12, 2009

Betwixt a job and a book...

As long as there is land and man to walk upon it, there will be strife to possess it.

Awe and genuine surprise are essential for vitality. If nothing amazes you, you are all but dead.

Every nation can sling something at its enemy.That 'something' being muck or missiles determines the efficacy of its message and intent.

Everyone has a right to be a jerk. Its the ones, who make it their duty, I dislike

Her love for me was a benign growth easily plucked out. Too bad mine for her metastasized.

I code, therefore I am... programmer!

I've learnt nothing from life because I never learned how to learn from life.

Life so far: All gall no glory

Stressed spelled backward is desserts. When combined, they annihilate each other in a burst of
pure happiness!

The greatest human weakness is that we can be convinced too easily to kill or be killed for the flimsiest cause.

The only complaint against the computer age is that it removes the simple age old distinction of black and white, the bad and good, turning it into a 24-bit grayscale with 8 bits of transparency.

What's wrong with the world? Its spinning... How do you expect humans to think straight with all that spinning...

You are like a single malt whiskey, classy, smooth and unique. I guess God just wants to play the master blender with us here :-)

Your love is like a breeze of fresh air. Too bad, my gills can't stand it.


Hatikvah said...

Gosh, how do you do it! I could never tire out of reading them.

Abhijit Karnik said...

Asterix's magic potion :-) hehe...