Saturday, July 12, 2008

Existing if not alive...

With time being dedicated to my next book coupled by a crappy net connection, there have been very few updates... to make it to ten... so here they are:

Hope floats. But it makes a really lousy lifejacket

I excel at perfect imperfection.

Work, to me, is like an insanely beautiful woman. No matter how much I am tired, I can still do them.

Tolerance is a virtue only when exercised in moderation.

Most of the world's problems just need a little Google

Life is, at most times, a Potemkin village.

I don't mind people telling me that something better is in store for me. What I do mind is them not telling me which store it is in!

God has something better in store for me and I can't help imagine that he's probably searching for the keys to it.

Are you sure that language is supposed to simplify communication? With 555,000 words in English and 40,000 characters in Chinese, I think the objective of languages is to confound and not to communicate.

Can a hypochondriac claim to have hypochondria?

Man, I am so hungry that if you threw a horse past me, not even its tail would make it across!

p.s. In case you noticed... yes, second book... the first one could see the light of the published day someday... maybe not today...

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