Friday, January 19, 2007

Some more quotes

I ain't fat, I just burn food more efficiently!

Love me when I deserve the least for that is when I need it the most!

I don't despise vegetarians. Apart from not wanting my chicken biscuit, I've heard they make a good crunchy snack!

People often refer to knowing things like the back of their hand. Can anyone tell me how many hairs do they have on the third finger?

The mind unfettered by the chains of destiny that bind the body soars to the sky.
It is free and hence the feels not the bondage the chains provide.
But when it is not free, it still does not feel the shackles since it is dead already.

I avoid judging people. To weigh them against some utopian measure of virtue or quality is being unfair not to them but to oneself. The true judgment of a man is that he does not judge people but accepts them as they are. For in this acceptance of his, he has truly measured up to being human as he can be.

Relationships are like a house of cards. The bigger you build the easier it is for a zephyr to turn it to shambles.

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Rekha said...

Had a hearty laugh...Thx dude!