Friday, August 25, 2006

Who am I?

Aloha! As an aggrieved and accessory to the avocation of Atropos, I chose to advance a concept. It borders not on atheism but is rather agnostic, intended as arson to avarice and as an assertion of anarchist apolitical agitation aimed at the attitude against amelioration. The aim is to avoid an aleatory approach to ascension of altitude, the altar of anthropic advancement, rather base it on ability. Whilst the thought veers towards considering this as an abomination contrary to the accepted apperception, the attempt is to tell you that I am an allegory of an altercation against such aberration of interpretation. While you may find my alter ego rather amiable albeit a tad arid in allure, the demeanor is to adumbrate the actuality. As anticipated, you may wonder if this accidental acquaintance with an abstruse apparition augurs well for you, let me alleviate your anxiety and mention that the absolute pleasure is all mine and that you may address me as Abe.

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